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You are what I never knew I wanted
When I think of you my heart is haunted
Oh how I wish I could hold you tonight
Just to feel your arms around me tight
Listening to the rain shooting my roof
Reminds me of the pain of losing you
Feel like I’m falling like a shooting star
Dropping like the town drunk at a bar
But I’ve gotta move on, be strong
You’re never comin back along
Don’t know where I’m supposed to go
Just can’t stay in this haunted home.



i am actually so angry because why the fuck do guys think its okay to treat girls like objects i mean just because you find someone pretty doesn’t mean you should make them feel like play dolls and sexualized. guys are always moaning about how girls talk shit about them well maybe if you all stopped talking for one second you’d realise how big of an asshole you are.

important because this is a guy saying it

One More Day

Slowly consuming the essence of you
Falling apart from all that we do.
Whatever’s left at the end of the day
I know for damn sure it’s no mistake.
You could con me for silver and gold
And no matter what, I’m yours to hold.
What can I do to convince you to stay?
How far should I go to change your way,
Even if you chose to close up your shop
I’d still be here for you no matter what.
No matter what happens to me
I want you to know you’re my disease.
You are my angel
My reason to live
You are my cause
All else I would give
Away, away, away for one more day
No matter how far the hands of time choose to sway
I’d give it all up for one more day.


I miss the taste of your tongue on mine
The way your hips moved in the moonlight.
I miss the looks you used to give me
When you were feeling a little too frisky.
I miss the scent of your hair after a hot shower
Babe you became my ivory tower.
Like rapunzel I was climbing your wall
Looking for the door to your heart.

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